Our Story

Fusing Deep Tech
with Winning Team Spirit

To Overcome Tomorrow’s AV Challenges, Today

“By 2030, forty percent of miles driven in the EU will be autonomous, and every second car in the US will be at least Level 4. With mass adoption, new safety concerns arise.”

VayaVision, a LeddarTech Company

In 2007 our Co-founder Youval visited the Israeli team competing in the DARPA Urban Challenge. Fascinated by the potential impact of autonomous driving, he decided to get a PhD in sensor fusion for autonomous vehicles. Several years and patents later, Youval met Ronny, who had extensive experience managing deep tech startups and was looking for his next endeavor.

In 2016, the two partnered up and founded VayaVision in the outskirts of Tel-Aviv with funding from leading global investors. Today, the company employs more than 30 enthusiastic engineers and developers with expertise varying from AI and Computer Vision to Deep Learning and Systems Engineering.

Committed to the safest autonomous driving standards, VayaVision delivers best-in-class perception solutions to leading OEMs and Tier 1s.

Our Values

a Difference

We are paving the way towards a world with safer roads, making transportation less stressful, more affordable, and accessible to all.


We believe balance fuels our well-being, acting as a source of creativity and productivity for our team. After all, it’s all about people.

at Work

Diversity is our strength. We take pride in having an inclusive team of individuals from different backgrounds, gender, religion and beliefs. It’s what makes us a creative and innovative workforce.

Team Spirit

We thrive on solving difficult challenges, individually and as a supportive team. Together, we have created a friendly work environment that encourages collaboration and personal growth.

We Dare
to Dream Big

“If you can dream it, you can do it”. We have the courage to push our limits and pursue our dreams, leading to a greater tomorrow, today!